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Mail Hosting

Mail Hosting

Mail Hosting Solutions Maryland and Pennsylvania

Emails are crucial for individuals and businesses. Today, individuals and entrepreneurs are associated with one of the other major email service providers for their daily requirements. But when it comes to businesses, the requirements are much different and bigger. They often require a specialized and tailored email service that can handle all their business needs. This is where professional business email hosting comes in. Email hosting, as a service, coordinates a network of email servers that benefits the companies, businesses, and end-users. It helps customers/ visitors get the most out of features and solutions offered on the website. ITJOE.CO offers tailored email hosting solutions to companies and businesses across Maryland and Pennsylvania. Contact us today to use our service.

Reliable Mail Hosting Services for Small and Big Businesses

ITJOE.CO offers excellent email hosting, providing ‘POP3 email’ paired with all the necessary spam and virus protection software. Small or medium-sized business can enhance their business email by utilizing ITJOE.CO email server hosting. We offer services that are way above par compared to other email hosting service providers. From a versatile set of features consisting of unlimited aliases, support for big attachments, autoresponders to unlimited forwards, sturdy spam and virus protection, IMAP/POP3 mail, contacts management, online storage, and much more, our Mail Hosting service can take care of all your business mailing needs. When you choose our services, you can easily access your email from anywhere using the internet. Our Mail Hosting service has removed the need for an in-house email server and a superfluous IT team to handle communications. Bring ITJOE.CO’s Mail Hosting services to your business and avail all our benefits.

Why choose ITJOE.CO’s Mail Hosting services:

  •  Secure Webmail Access
  •  Secure POP and IMAP Access
  •  More Storage Space
  •  Enhanced Performance
  •  No Spam and Viruses
  •  Open Lines of Communication
  •  More Than Just Messaging
  •  Address Book Feature
  •  Up-Time Assurance
  •  Build Trust and Authority and more.

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