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How To Host Your Website – 5 Easy Steps

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How To Host Your Website – 5 Easy Steps

Hosting a website is a really easy task. Web hosting is the first thing required to get any site published on the web. The web hosting provider provides you with the webspace where your website data and files are stored. For beginners, web hosting can be a bit overwhelming. However, if you already have a web domain, the first step required to get your website live on the internet is to select a web hosting provider.

Website hosting is the only way to publish your website on the web. In addition, you can skip hosting and get your site published on the web from an all-in-one website builder. Getting website hosting from a hosting provider will make it easier to accommodate higher traffic as your site scales. In this blog, we will discuss how to host a website in the five easy steps.

Step 1: Decide What Type Of Website You Want

Usually, there are two types of websites available.

  • Static or Basic Websites: Static or basic websites come with one or more web pages, also known as HTML pages. You can easily build a static website on your computer with software such as Dreamweaver. Then upload the pages to your host’s server using any FTP (File Transfer Protocol) software. You can not modify static websites. If you want to make changes to your website, you will have to edit the pages on your computer and upload them again. These websites are cheaper than dynamic websites. But these websites come with limited functionality and have no option for e-commerce.
  • Dynamic Websites: These websites come with information that changes depending on the time of day, the viewer, and other factors. Since dynamic websites are CMS-driven, they allow you to add and edit content directly. Your visitors can also leave their comments on these websites. Dynamic websites are an excellent choice for businesses and organizations. These websites are more expensive than static websites.

Step 2: Choose Your Hosting Server

You can host a static HTML site on most web servers. But when it comes to hosting a web application, typically, there are two types of hosting platforms - Linux Hosting and Windows Hosting. You can choose a platform depending on your hosting needs.

  • Linux Hosting: Linux hosting enables running scripts written in PHP, Perl, Python, and other Unix-originated languages. It typically supports PostgreSQL and MySQL databases. Linux hosting is the most commonly used hosting platform today.
  • Windows Hosting: Windows hosting enables running ASP scripts utilizing .NET and other Microsoft technologies. Windows hosting supports Microsoft SQL Server and Access database.

You can choose from Linux hosting or Windows hosting platforms, depending on which operating system you use at your home or office.

Step 3: Select Your Web Hosting Plan

Usually, you will find several services in web hosting. Also, you will need to consider the different ways to host your website. Typically, web hosting falls into one of three categories - shared hosting, VPS hosting, and dedicated hosting. But there are also other options available such as cloud hosting, managed hosting, and WordPress hosting.

Most people start with VPS hosting. It gives you professional web hosting capabilities at a far lower price than a dedicated server. You can upgrade it later as your business grows.

Step 4: Change Your DNS Address

After purchasing your web hosting, you will get Domain Name Servers (DNS). Then, you will need to change the Name Servers of your domain in order to get your website working. It’s a simple step but mandatory to get started.

Step 5: Upload Your Website

Now, your website is ready to upload. Upload the website to your account by connecting to the server using either cPanel’s File Manager or FTP software. After this step, your website will go live on the internet.


Hosting a website is easy, and it is the first step required to get any site published on the internet. Web hosting is 100% necessary if you want to create a website to attract real visitors. To host your website, you will need to register a domain name, secure your site, and do several other tasks. We hope you have understood how to host a website.

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